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Parting Courage

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It’s all about the amazing things you can accomplish when your people start working together better.
Includes: Building the Team | Getting and Sharing Information | Making Wise Decisions | Dealing with Change | Telling Each Other the Truth | Knowing Your Limits | Harnessing Your Thinking | Coping Skills
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Our entry level teamwork building course. In a few lessons, groups and team leaders can improve collaboration by working through pressing real-life issues.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your courses time-limited?

Yes, officially you will have a two year license to get through the content. That’s because we want you to jump right in and use it! However, if you need an extension, contact us. We are reasonable people.

Is the course compatible with all major browsers?

Yes, it should be compatible with current browsers. However, if you are trying to use something really old it would be better to upgrade your browser before starting our courses. No one likes videos that stutter or cool features you can’t take advantage of.

Do I need a special computer to access your courses?

No, but it helps to have something pretty current when you are trying to learn! Studies have shown that the most engaged learners benefit when downloads and streaming are done at high speeds. If you are concerned that your computer may not be up to the task, contact us and we’ll let you try out a lesson to test your setup.

Can I download the course material in PDF?

Most lessons do feature a PDF worksheet or learning guide which is downloadable from the lesson page itself. We do not allow downloading of the video because we need to keep the most current versions available to everyone.

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